Studies on Recycled Polyester

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At the LSP M.Sc. Yijing Qin et al. contributed one chapter of „Studies on recycled Polyester“ in the book of Recycled Polyester (Qin Y., Qu M., Kaschta J., Allen V., Schubert D.W. (2020) in Muthu S. (eds) Recycled Polyester; Textile Science and Clothing Technology; Springer, Singapore; DOI:

Recycled materials have attracted more and more attention due to environmental protection. Polyester fibres from recycled PET bottles were widely used in the worldwide textile industries. This book highlights various production, test methods and the properties of recycled polyester. In this chapter of Studies on Recycled Polyester, two recycled PET flakes and three virgin PETs were studied for fibre spinning. Thermal behaviour, molar mass characteristic, surface morphology, rheological and mechanical properties were investigated. A semi-empirical equation relating to the tenacity and elongation at break for fibres was proposed by Prof. Dirk W. Schubert (Head of the LSP). All the specific information of the investigated PET materials can provide guidance for melt spinning process in the future.